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Plato Academy Physical Education Program K-8

The PE Department at Plato Academy is proud of our exceptional curriculum, SPARK (Sports, Play, Active Recreation for Kids).
The objectives of our physical education program are:
- To enjoy and seek out physical activity
- Develop & maintain levels of fitness
- Develop the ability to get along with others in movement environments.
- Develop a variety of basic movement and manipulative skills so they will experience success.

Our teachers are enthusiastic and dedicated to the quality of physical education at Plato Academy. We believe in building not only athletic skills, but also character and sportsmanship in every child. Quality physical education is both developmentally and instructionally relevant for all children being served. Students psychomotor (body movement), cognitive (intellect), and affective (feelings) experiences are recognized and accommodated in developmentally appropriate instruction. Controlled studies have shown that physically fit students are more likely to get better grades. Our enriched SPARK curriculum and P.E. program, maximizes opportunities for learning success for all of our Plato Academy students, leading them on a path to a healthy lifestyle.

Athletic Department
Middle School Competitve Sports Program

Plato Academy Sports program consists of co-ed sports. We have highly competitive teams that participate in organized games against local schools. Our program offers soccer, flag-football, and basketball for grades 6-8. We also offer a wonderful cheerleading program that is open to all ages.