Notifications of Possible School Closings

posted Aug 28, 2015, 12:49 PM by Michelle West

Dear Plato Academy Families and Staff,

In the event of severe weather conditions, Plato Academy schools along with all educational public schools will not open.  Please consider preparations you need to make at this time to keep you and your family safe if our area is affected by severe weather.


You may have questions regarding possible school or facility closures. Here are questions and answers to help keep you informed:


Q: Will schools be closing?

A: It is too soon to determine if schools need to close due to Tropical Storm Erika. The storm’s path is too uncertain at this time to know what kind of impact it will have on Pinellas County.


Q: When will we know if schools will close?

A: If a decision needs to be made regarding school closure, it will likely be made Sunday, Aug. 30. This is highly dependent upon the storm’s forecast over the next 24-36 hours.


Q: How will any information regarding school closure be communicated?

A: There are multiple ways potential weather-related closures will be communicated:

·         E-mail message to all families and employees

·         Information posted on our school webpage

·         Information will be shared with local TV, radio, print and online news outlets.