Administering Medication at School

posted Oct 31, 2014, 7:09 AM by Michelle West
Dear Parents/Guardians
Please be advised of new Health Service Updates for all Pinellas County Schools regarding 
medication as follows:
     If at all possible, medication should be scheduled before and after school. Any medication must 
be delivered to school by a parent/guardian in the original container and be accompanied by a 
signed authorization form provided by the school. Medication Cards are on file in the front 
office and must be filled out by parents before any medication is dispensed.
Policy with regard to Prescription Medications: 
 * Medication required during the school day, if ordered by the doctor, will be 
administered by trained staff. Medication will only be given at the time(s) and by 
the amount indicated on the prescription container. 
 * The bottle must have the count of pills on it printed by the pharmacy as this must 
be verified by school and parent.
 *The bottle also must have the exact time (i.e. not 3 times a day but at a specific 
time such as 1PM). Medications are valid to be given one hour before and after 
the time labeled on the bottle
NOTE: According to the Pinellas Health Department all pharmacists are 
permitted to assign times to prescriptions and can divide prescriptions so that a 
bottle with the correct count can be left at the school. There is no need to return 
to the physician to have prescription altered, as a pharmacist is permitted to make 
the necessary accommodations.

 Policy with regard to Over-the Counter Medications: 
      * No over the counter medication will be accepted without physician authorization.
      * Physician authorization must be on a specific School form that can be obtained 
from the front office at each school. (A physician’s prescription can be attached 
to this form to suffice for the authorization). 
      * No over the counter medication will be accepted that is opened or unsealed, as a 
pill count is required and must match the number on the bottle initially.