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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1) What is Plato Academy?
Plato Academy is a Pinellas County charter school. Charter schools are public schools that operate under a performance contract, or a “charter” which frees them from most rules and state statutes created for traditional public schools. As part of the contract, charter schools are held strictly accountable for academic performance. In essence, Charter schools are Private schools with the exception of funding and accountability provided by local and federal government.

2) What is the purpose of charter schools?
Statutory provisions require charter schools to fulfill the following purposes: improve student learning and academic achievement, increase learning opportunities for all students and encourage the use of innovative learning methods. Additionally, statutory provisions authorize charter schools to create innovative measurement tools and provide rigorous competition within the public school district in order to stimulate continued improvement in all public schools.

3) Who can attend?
Kindergarteners must be 5 on or before September 1st. Incoming students may transfer easily from their current schools.

Pre-K for all locations: Priority shall be given to siblings of Plato Academy students.

Please see the enrollment info page for the school that you are interested in for more information on our enrollment process.

In the event current Clearwater Plato Academy students or students on its wait list wish to transfer to one of the new Plato Academy Schools, they shall be required to follow the same process as all other students. Their enrollment at the Clearwater Plato Academy shall end upon their acceptance at one of the other schools. Families interested in applying to more than one Plato Academy school may do so by submitting multiple applications.

Please note that the Plato Academy Schools are independent from each other and from all other both public and private schools. As such, our enrollment process does not interfere with that of other schools and qualified students that are enrolled at other schools may easily transfer upon acceptance to a Plato Academy School.

The schools' enrollment process shall be ongoing and independent of the Pinellas County Public Schools, including enrollment dates and student identification numbers.

To register your child in school, you need the following documentation:

* Birth Certificate
* Proof of Immunization* on a DH 680 form - Florida Certificate - Blue Form
* Proof of Physical examination performed within the 12 months prior to their initial enrollment.
* Verification of your residency - utility bill, lease/rental agreement, homestead exemption card.
* First Grader - Proof of successful completion of Kindergarten

Transfers - Proof of Promotion (Out of State/District)

To register for Kindergarten, children must be five years old on or before September 1
* * All Pinellas County Health Department Centers provide free immunizations.

Placement or consideration will not take place until all registration forms are completed.

To register your child for Pre-K, you need the following documentation:

· Current immunization - Florida blue Form

· Proof of Physical Examination performed within the 12 months prior to their intial enrollment - Florida yellow form

· A completed registration packet with all forms complete, signed and notarized
    (when applicable)

· If enrolling in the VPK program, a Certificate of Eligibility from the VPK office

· Registration Fee

Enrollment will not take place until all of the above forms and fees are complete.

To register your child for Before and/or After Care you need the following documentation:

· A completed registration packet with all forms complete, signed and notarized
    (when applicable)

· Registration Fee

Enrollment will not take place until all of the above forms and fees are complete.

4) When can I enroll my child?
Since space is limited, parents must enroll their children directly with Plato Academy, rather than with the Student Reservation center. Please see our Registration Information.

5) What is Plato Academy's mission?
To assist our students in achieving their full potential by requiring and nurturing high academic and behavioral standards in a safe, supporting, challenging and enthusiastic environment fostered by a commitment and cooperative effort between the school, parents / guardian and community.

6) What is the philosophy behind Plato Academy?
Plato Academy is based upon innovative education methods and the study of the Greek language and culture as a basis, connection, and reinforcement of academic subjects. It includes a multicultural focus in skills and content areas in order to help students achieve academic excellence, acquire a lifestyle of learning, and develop a life-long love for reading, experimenting, problem solving, and independent thinking.

7) What is your discipline policy?

Plato Academy has a very strict but fair discipline policy. Appropriate behavior will ensure uninterrupted teaching and will encourage an atmosphere conducive to learning. Consequences including out of school suspension and possible expulsion are assessed for noncompliance.

8) Is there a dress code for students?
We have a mandatory uniform policy. Consequences are assessed for noncompliance.

9) What is the average class size?
In grades K-3, class size is 18 students; in grades 4 and up the maximum number is 22 students. The individualized attention that students receive in small class sizes will help the children succeed and will comply with the No Child Left Behind legislation.

10) Is Plato affiliated with a religious entity?
The Plato Academy is not affiliated or connected with a religious entity.  The Academy will have a multi-cultural and interdisciplinary focus in academia and campus life.

11) Community Involvement?
Members of the community at large participate in various aspects of campus life and projects.  The parents are accountable for the success of their children.